Our Repair Process

For those who have never been involved in an accident, the repair process is a new experience, and so here follows a detailed explanation of the entire process:

  • Our Facility

    From here, we ascertain whether or not the Customer desires to utilize our facility for repair. If so we have them sign the necessary documentation and confer with the Insurance Company about the Estimated Cost, Liability Acceptance (if you are the Claimant), and Rental Reservation (if you require a rental car).

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    FREE Preliminary Estimate*

    Stop by for a FREE Preliminary Estimate*. This covers all READILY VISIBLE DAMAGE ONLY. It's like a blueprint to give the Insurance Company or Customer a ball-park range of the Repair Cost. We will also take preliminary damage photos for conveyance to any involved Insurance Company.

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    Set Drop-Off Date

    Once parts of proper quality are received, we will schedule a drop-off date that is convenient for the Customer, arrange for Rental Customer Pick-Up, and make sure all necessary documentation is signed.

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    Pre-Repair Scan

    After those determinations are made, we will pre-order the parts that are obviously in need of replacement, and update the Customer and/or Insurance Company of an expected date of reception. This helps minimize Rental occupation time.

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    Body Repair Department

    With the vehicle at our Facility, we begin the Tear-Down Process. This allows us to fully assess any and all visually hidden damage by removing the damaged panels which were already documented. All hidden damage is photo-documented for Shop and Insurance Purposes.

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    Refinish Department

    With a full understanding of the damage suffered, we write a Supplementary Estimate**, which is submitted along with photographs to the Insurance Company for Review. With the Insurance Companies approval (made at their own discretion), we order any additional parts and then update the Customer, the Rental Company, and the Insurance Company on a more comprehensive idea of the Repair Timeframe.

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    While waiting to receive Replacement Parts, we address any necessary frame/panel repairs involved. Using Industry Standard Measuring Techniques, we make certain that the dimensions of the vehicle are within Manufacturer Specifications. This ensures proper safety and vehicle functioning.

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    Post Repair Scan

    Once all frame/panel repairs are completed, the vehicle is conditioned with any necessary primers, sealers, corrosion protections, fillers, and foams to prep it for the Refinish Process.

  • Detail

  • Delivery

The Refinish Process

  1. The first step of the Refinish Process is dress each necessary panel that is to be refinished. Scuffing, blocking, roping, priming, and dressing to ensure MAXIMUM adhesion of the paint to only the intended panels.

  2. Next, the Vehicle is coated with a water-soluble, soap/glue-based Masking Spray. This prevents undamaged panels, glass, trim, wheels, and tires from being painted. ***

  3. To further ensure that only necessary panels receive paint, non-damaged parts of the Vehicle ar​e "taped-off" or covered in a specially coated paper that does not allow liquid to flow through.***

  4. All refinished portions of the vehicle are inspected to make sure there are no paint defects, and the vehicle returns to the Repair Technician.

  5. The Vehicle is now ready for reassembly. Any extras such as wheel alignment, mechanical work, headlamp adjusting, etc. are now addressed.

The process is completed with Interior Detailing, Exterior Wash, and final Quality Control Inspection. Once it has been determined that the Repair meets our Top Quality Expectations, the Customer and Insurance Company are notified of the completion and a definitive pick-up date is scheduled. From here the Customer will receive a copy of their Final Estimate, their Satisfaction is determined, any questions or concerns are addressed, any applicable deductible is paid, and their Rental Vehicle is left at our facility to be picked up by the Rental Company at their own convenience.****

​​*Certain Insurance Companies only accept Estimates composed by their own Adjusters. We can still give an Estimate, but this is one way it is subject to change.
​**Multiple Supplementary Estimates may be necessary, depending on Insurance Company Parts Usage Policies (i.e.-used companies list available parts that we will quote on the Estimate, but once they are received, may be of non-acceptable quality. This can require more expensive substitutes or a switch to OEM parts, which raise the cost) or Vehicles with different Options of the same part that could not be determined at the time of Estimation.
***Some Repairs, such as bumpers or trim pieces, allow the Refinishing to occur with the part detached from the vehicle, so it is not necessary to Spray Mask or Tape-off these parts if they are the only ones requiring Refinishing.
​****Both the Customer and the Insurance Company are continually updated throughout the Repair Process with Time Frame Expectancies.